Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You naughty minx...

Yeah, I know. I'm naughty. And not just because of the appalling title for this post. It's been far too long between drinks, but there has been a lot going on and none of it involved shopping. But I'm back from my accidental hiatus, busy preparing for my next American shopping trip (only 60 days to save up!) and bringing you some more beauty goodness today.

My acquisition of this product came about rather by accident. One of the magazines where I work was doing a clean out of their beauty cupboard and it ended up in my bag. I bought it. I got it home. I realised it was Playboy and recoiled in horror. Tacky! Bright pink plastic casing and silver bunny logos! I had visions of Hef and his buxom bunnies dancing around with big shimmery eyeshadow and bunny tails (the bunnies, not Hef, although he would look fetching in a bunny suit). Far be it from me to judge a product by its packaging though, I tried it. And I LOVED it.

I have never had much luck with concealer (wrong colour, wrong consistency, goes all chalky and flaky, slides off my face) but, lo-and-behold, this little bunny-emblazoned box was the goods. Each one comes with two slightly different shades, one for pale days and one for tan summery days, or you can mix them together with the neat little application brush. I brush a little bit on, pat it in with the heat of my finger and DONE! Total perfection (big-noting myself, much?). In fact, I lost this concealer and was so devastated that I actually went out and bought another one. That's loyalty for you.

It might not be the perfect concealer for you, but perhaps this post is more to illustrate that gaudy packaging and ridiculous names don't always mean crap. Granted I haven't tried their lip glosses, eye shadows or bronzers yet, but with product names like "Twice the pleasure lip liner duo" and shades of their "Pickup liners" eyeliner named "Are those real?" and "Size 2, right?", surely you just want to run down to Priceline, no?

Price: $22.95
From: Priceline
Why you need it: To conceal the bags under your eyes and the pimples on your chin. Sorry, but it's true.

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